Time Period Tariff
0 -20 mins Free
21 - 30 mins R20.00
31 - 60 mins R30.00
1 - 2 hours R50.00
2 - 3 hours R100.00
Each extra hour or part thereof R50.00
Lost Ticket R50.00 + Tariff


Time Period Tariff
0 -5 mins Free
6 - 30 mins R10.00
31 - 60 mins R15.00
1 - 2 hours R20.00
2 - 3 hours R30.00
3 - 4 hours R40.00
4 - 6 hours R80.00
6 - 10 hours R120.00
10 - 24 hours R160.00
Lost Ticket R50.00 + Tariff


Time Period Tariff
0 - 1 hour R12.00
1 - 2 hours R15.00
2 -3 hours R20.00
3 - 4 hours R25.00
4 - 6 hours R40.00
6 - 10 hours R60.00
10 - 24 hours R80.00
Lost Ticket R50.00 + Tariff


Time Period Tariff
0 - 3 days R200.00
Each extra day thereafter R50.00
Lost Ticket R50.00 + Tariff
Image of King Shaka International Airport Parking Location Map
Parking tariffs correct as of March 2016. Subject to change at any time.

ACSA Airport Parking Contact Information

Airport Parking - Book in Advance, Parking Map and Parking Tariffs

Durban King Shaka International Airport has got 1540 undercover parking bays available in the multi story parkade (MSP) as well as 4960 shaded parking bays.

In addition to this, there are 40 car parking bays for arrivals pick-up parking and a dedicated car rental car park, both being close to the passenger terminal. The car park locations are all indicated on the airport parking plan below.

The management of parking facilities has been outsourced by ACSA to the Katanga Parking company and contact information is provided below.

There are no ACSA or Katanga pre-paid parking facililities available, however, we now offer a pre-paid parking solution with long stay and short stay facilities with off-site parking companies. Check out our parking search, price comparison and advance booking facility below and see all the additional benefits and cost savings you can receive by using this new facility.

Airport Parking Locations Map

ACSA Appointed Parking Management Company: KATANGA

Contact information: Manager on Duty - 082 736 4930

Contact person: The Manager - Call centre is open from 05:00 to midnight.

Tel: 021 936 3600/3612/3613

Fax: 021 936 3634
Pick-up Parking Area: This is for very short stays to collect people from arrivals. Space is very limited to approximately 40 parking spaces.

Multi Storey Parking: Parking for 500 vehicles on 3 levels and quite close to the airport terminal building. Serviced by lifts to Departures and Arrivals level.

Short Stay Shaded Parking: This area accommodates around 1,500 car parking spaces. Slightly further from the main airport terminal buliding and reasonably priced.

Long Stay Shaded Parking: This area is for stays of 3 days or more and can accommodate 500 vehicles. Favourable parking rates compared to the shorter stay car parks.

Arrivals Pick-up and the Multi Storey Parkade car parks are automated with a ticket provided on entry and payment made on exit. The short and long term car parks at Durban King Shaka International Airport use the pay-on-foot system. The pay stations accept coins and notes. Trolleys are available from the car park areas, which are within walking distance of the terminals.
Book your parking in advance and save upto 60% on the on-site ACSA parking rates.

Benefits include:

• Up to 60% savings
• Meet and great service and valet parking
• Long stay or short stay
• Off-site locations away from the crowds
• Secure lock up parking
• Security patrolled car parks
• CCTV monitoring
• Free car wash & car valets available on many tariffs
• Book in advance so it's one less thing off your mind
• Vehicles insured whilst securely parked unlike "vehicles left at your own risk" terms at the ACSA car parks

Get a quote and further information using our booking application and see the benefits and savings compared to the ACSA car parking options.

ACSA Airport Parking Tariffs 2016

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